Dear Coach,

    You and your team are invited to attend the 2nd Hobart/William Smith Invitational, sponsored by the Rochester Winter Track League, and being contested at the Hobart/ William Smith Fieldhouse.  The track is 8 lane, 200meters, with two 55meter straightaways  for the sprints.  The shot is off a wooden platform, and there is a long jump/triple jump pit and a pole vault runway.  The track is extremely fast, and many outstanding times have occurred there.  It is again the site for the SUNY Championships, even though Hobart is not a SUNY school.  Below is the pertinent information regarding the meet.


Time:  9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Schools should not arrive until 8:30.


Order of Events:  All Events will be run as finals.


Girls 3000m Run                                                    Boys/ Girls Shot Put

Boys 3200m Run                                                  Girls/ Boys High Jump

Girls/Boys 1000m Run                                         Boys’/Girls’ Pole Vault

Girls’ 1500m Racewalk                                         Boys’/ Girls Long Jump

Girls/Boys 600m Run                                         Boys’/ Girls’ Triple Jump will follow Long Jump

Girls/Boys 55m Dash

Girls’ 1500m Run

Boys’ 1600m Run

Girls/Boys 300m Dash

Girls/Boys 55m Hurdles

Girls/Boys’ 4 x 800m Relay

Girls/Boys’ 4 x 400m Relay

Girls’/Boys 4 x 200m Relay


Other Information:

1. Scoring – 10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1   Team trophies for the 1st five teams.


2. Awards:  Medals and Ribbons for  1st place.  Ribbons for places 2 – 8.  


3. Absolutely NO SPIKES.


4. Bring your own starting blocks




6. Starting Heights:  Boys Pole Vault – 10’0”

                                    Girls Pole Vault – 7’0”

                                    Girls’ High Jump – 4’ 4”

                                    Boys’ High Jump – 5’ 4”


7. Long Jump and Triple Jump will be an open pit


8.  Entry Fee:  For Rochester Winter Track League – it is included in your dues.

                                For non- RWTL members - $10.00 per athlete, $100.00 maximum.

                                Make Checks or vouchers payable to the Rochester Winter Track League

9.  There is limited parking at Hobart.  Please have your buses follow the directions of the parking attendant.

  If your bus comes early, your team must go, we can not have buses blocking the fire lanes.


10. Entries are due on Monday, January 29, 2001


Entry Sheet:  Entries are due on MONDAY, January 29, 2001


Mail to:  Dave Hennessey                                           Fax: 602-776-6602 (Home must be there by 8:00 p.m

                1352 Pinnacle Road                                       Fax: 716-385-3492 (Penfield must be there by 5:00 pm

                Henrietta, New York 14467`                     email: dhenness@rochester.rr.com


SCHOOL________________________________              COACH______________________________


                                                                BOYS’   or    GIRLS’      ENTRY (circle one)


Event                      Name                                           Seed                      Name                                                   Seed


55m Dash                1._________________________________       2.___________________________________


55m Hurdles          1. _________________________________       2. ___________________________________


300m Dash             1. _________________________________       2.___________________________________


600m Run               1. _________________________________       2. ___________________________________


1000m Run             1. _________________________________       2. ___________________________________


1500/1600m RUN 1.__________________________________        2. ___________________________________


3000/3200m RUN 1.__________________________________        2. ___________________________________


1500m Racewalk   1.__________________________________       2. ___________________________________


Long Jump            1. __________________________________      2. ___________________________________


Triple Jump           1. __________________________________      2. ___________________________________


Pole Vault              1. __________________________________      2. ___________________________________


High Jump             1. __________________________________      2. ___________________________________


Shot Put                 1. __________________________________      2. ___________________________________


Relays :  No names Needed now, indicate if you are running in that event and a seed time.


4 x 800m Relay                ________________________


4 x 400m Relay                _________________________


4 x 200m Relay                _________________________