FAT Photos Page Hobart & Wm Smith Invitational 2/1/03 (more to come)

        some images automatically cropped for faster recording at the meet.

        Press F5 to refresh I increased the brightness on most of these on 2/4.


1500 heat 3 cropped - Winner Katie DeRusso (Fairport)


1600 heat 3 cropped Winner Jeff Eggleston (Arcadia)


55m final ht photos this is where the F.A.T. really comes in handy!

We had to zoom in on these to get all the places correct.

Winners: Ryan Brennan (Aquinas) and Kela Jackson (Wilson) Look at that Finish in the Girls 2nd Fastest HT!


300 final Hts Winner Tracy DeWitt (Gates Chili) showing perfect form at the line

Winner Christina DeWitt and a close battle for second!


55m Hurdles final Hts Winner Terrell Gissendanner (Edison Tech)

Winner Stephanie Conway (Batavia)

300m Ht 10: Eric Bream (Lockport) wins this one

300m Ht 10: Jill Biggs(Greece Athena) is the winner here


600m Fast Ht: Tracy DeWitt wins.


600m Fast Ht:


4x200 Last Ht:


4x200 Last Ht: Wilson is the winner


4x800 : Winner Fairport