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    A hurdler's resource to help with all the fundamentals in hurdling. Made for coaches, serious trainers, and beginners. Learn to hurdle here!

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    For you newbies out there I want you first to read the Disclaimer.   And please, when you e-mail me keep it to comments on how to improve the webpage, submissions or what you think of it.  I really am not qualified to give advice on hurdling, what I do know I have posted here.  If you do have questions please please post them on the Forum or at the mailing list because there are more knowledgeable people there that can help you.

    Happy Hurdling!

    Justine Lam a.k.a. Hurdleress

    Check out the New Voice Chat Feature! just type in your name/handle in the box and click on go chat. Then when the window pops up agree to download "HearMe" software. To talk with other press F9 or the Talk button. As many as 500 users can chat at the same time.

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