CHAMPIONSHIPS 2003 – 2004 info coming soon.


         This packet contains Section V Championship information.  Please read this information carefully.  Entries received not using the proper format may be rejected.


2003 Meets:   Class A : Saturday, February 15 – University of Rochester – 2:00 – 8:00

         Classes B & C: Saturday, February 15 – Hobart – 5:00 – 11:00


         All individuals are eligible according to NYSPHSAA rules, Section V rules, and the meet standards.  The state rule for Sectional and State competition is that an athlete must have competed in SIX meets.  If your athlete does not meet this requirement, he/she must apply for an hardship entry.  A letter explaining the hardship must be submitted, including the number of meets the athlete has competed in, and explaining why the athlete did not compete in the minimum number of meets.  If it is a medical reason, documentation will help.


MEET STANDARDS:  These must have been met during the current season.  There are two kinds of qualifying standards.  An athlete who has obtained an automatic qualifying standard in an event will be guaranteed a place in that event, if he/she decides to do it.  A provisional qualifier may be entered into the meet, and may compete if there is room in the event.  See the accompanying sheet for qualifying standards.


         In addition, each school is allowed one boy and one girl wildcard.  A wildcard is an athlete who has not made the standard in an individual event, and you want to see this athlete compete.  A wildcard entry will NOT displace a automatic or provisional qualifier, and will not add athletes to an event beyond the maximum number.  The wildcard is allowed one individual event, and the athlete must have competed in that event during the season, and meet all other requirements.


HOW TO ENTER:  (click for entry form) 2004 entry will consist of Excel on-line entry forms and hardcopy entry form signed by Coach, Athletic Dir / Principal as in past years.

         All entries must be on the entry sheet provided, and on a 3 x 5 index card.  Class A schools use White cards, Class B schools use Blue cards, and Class C schools will use Red or Pink cards.  Any other size card will be rejected.


         An athlete needs to have done the event once to be entered, and must have met the qualifying standard.


         An athlete should have each event he/she intends to compete in marked on the entry sheet.  This means INDIVIDUAL  and RELAY teams.  The exact relay is required. (You may list up to six names per relay)


Sample Entry:

Name                    Grade           Event/Perf              Event/Perf              Event/Perf


Dave Hennessey       12      1600m Run   4:53.6   3200m    10:28.4       3200m Relay


Relay team entries are to be made on the space provided on the entry sheet.


         For each individual and relay, a 3 x 5 index card must be filled out as the sample below.  Any other size card will be rejected.


         Name                                                        Event


         School                                                       Performance


         Grade                                               Date of Performance

                                                               Place of Performance


         Coach’s Signature


         For relays, the 3 x 5 card must be filled out in the following manner


         School                                                       Event


         Name of Runners & Grade                          Performance

         (You may list up to six names)                  Date of Performance

                                                                    Place of Performance


         Coach’s Signature


Please Cut off the upper left had corner of all Girls’ Entries.


An entry made with falsified performances will lead to the disqualification of the entry.

All qualifying marks must be listed on the League Web Site, or they will be considered null and void ( unless it occurs at the last meet)


All entries are considered final after 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 11 at 6:00  Anyone wishing to scratch an athlete from an event must do so by that time.  Any athlete failing to compete in an event for which he/she has been finally declared will be scratched from the remainder of the meet.


Athletes who fail to report to the clerk or the field event judge prior to last call will be considered scratched from the remainder of the meet.


Meet Procedures:

45m/55m Dash         Trials (if needed), Semi’s, finals

40m/55m Hurdles      Trials ( if needed), Semi’s, Finals

300m / 600m Run      Several Sections, Final Placing on Time

1000m                   Depending on Site and numbers, One or Two Sections

1500m.1600m,         One Section

3000m/3200m, Racewalk

Long/Triple Jump     One Flight per Class – 4 jumps – No Finals

Shot Put                 Two Flight per Class – 4 Throws, No Finals

High Jump              Boys and Girls:  Starting Height will be 2 inches below the seeding

                           performance of the last seed.  Bar will advance by 2 inches until

                           6’0” for boys and 5’0” for girls, then up by one inch

Pole Vault               Starting Height will be 3 to 6 inches below the lowest qualifying

                           mark, up by 6 inches until 12’0” for the Boys and 8’6” for the girls

                           then up by 3 inches


Scoring:                  10,8,6,4,2,1


Awards:                 Shield, Certificate – 1st place ( Blue for Individuals, White for Relays)

                           Ribbons for places 2 –6

                           Sectional Team Trophy for 1st place for each class champion, White

                           shields ( up to 15) to winning team.


Order of Events:      Girls Long Jump, Boys Long Jump, Girls Triple, Boys Triple Jump

                           Boys/ Girls High Jump

                           Boys/Girls Shot

                           Boys/Girls Pole Vault


For the Class Meet at Hobart, For All Events, It will be Class C, then Class B.  The High Jump

and Pole Vault will be run with the athletes mixed.


Girls 3000m Run

Boys’ 3200m Run

Girls 45/55m Trials – if necessary

Boys’ 45/55m Dash Trials – if necessary

Girls 1000m Run

Boys 1000m Run

Girls’ 1500m Racewalk

Girls’ 45/55m Dash – Semi’s

Boys’ 45/55m Dash  Semi’s

Girls’ 600m Run

Boys 600m Run

Girls 45/55m Dash – Final

Boys 45/55m Dash Final

Girls’ 40m/55m Hurdles Trials – If Necessary

Boys’ 40m/55m Hurdles Trials – If Necessary

Girls’ 1500m Run

Boys 1600m Run

Boys’ 40/55m Hurdles – Semi’s

Girls 40/55m Hurdles – Semi’s

Girls 300m Dash

Boys 300m Dash

Girls 40/55m Hurdles – Finals

Boys 40/55m Hurdles – Finals

Girls 4 x 800m Relay

Boys 4 x 800m Relay

Girls 4 x 400m Relay

Boys 4 x 400m Relay

Girls 4 x 200m Relay

Boys 4 x 200m Relay


Other Information


1. The uniform rule will be strictly enforced.  All athletes must wear school uniforms, with relay teams being identical.


2.  The jewelry rule will be enforced.


3. No spikes of any kind at Hobart.  Athletes found using spikes will be disqualified, and all points and rewards forfeited.  At the University of Rochester for Class A, ¼” pyramid spikes may be used for all running and jumping events.  Athletes may not leave the track area with spikes in their shoes.


4. Coaches and Spectators will not be allowed on the track. 


5. No radios.


6. Admission charge for the Sectionals will be $3.00 for adults and students.  Please make potential spectators aware of this.


7.  We will have sectional shirts for sale.  .