WELCOME to another season of Winter Track and Field in Section V.  The Rochester Winter Track League continues to grow, with several new teams joining us this year.  At the same time, we are trying to maintain the high standards of meets that we have had over the past few years, and we have attempted to respond to various requests made by you, the coaches.  However, if we are to remain successful, if we are to remain viable, we need the help of ALL coaches and athletes.  A few people cannot, and should not be expected to do things alone.

                There are several changes that we are attempting to try to improve our meets.  In some meets, especially at the beginning of the season, long jumpers and triple jumpers will have only two attempts.  We are asking that you submit your roster via email ( or ( so that we can enter them into the computer ahead of time, so that we can use the fully automatic timing system more.  For the meet on December 29, we are running outdoor events and college events, for a change of pace.  At the last meet at Hobart, because of the time shortage, we are going to have the one event meet athletes may only do one event

                This league and sport is unique in many ways.  You, as a coach, have a say in how meets are to be run.  Meetings of this league are open to all.  It is hoped that all teams, coaches, and athletes will follow the rules as stated in the handbook.  If you have questions, feel free to ask.  If we work together, this can be a banner year for Section V.  Failure to do so may hurt this sport, and return it to the days of parking lot meets, and running in the halls of high schools.  The choice is yours and your athletes