2002 2003


December 6 U of Rochester McQuaid, Brockport, SOTA, Marshall

December 7 Hobart Lyons, East Rochester, Red Creek, North Rose Wolcott,

Williamson, Palmyra Macedon

December 13 U of Rochester Hilton, Athena, Churchville, Brockport,

Lyndonville shot

December 13 Roberts - Mendon, Sutherland, Victor, McQuaid,

December 14 Roberts Oakfield, LeRoy, Livonia, Byron Bergen, Northstar Shot

December 20 Hobart Mendon, Sutherland, Oakfield, Gates

December 21 Hobart Edison, Midlakes/ Geneva , Williamson, Athena

December 27 Hobart Hornell, Aquinas, Fairport, HAC, Livonia, Red Jacket Shot

January 3 Roberts Batavia, Rush Henrietta, Aquinas

January 4 Hobart Marion, East, North Rose Wolcott, Red Creek, Edison, Red Jacket shot

January 10 Roberts Marion, Churchville, Victor, Gates, North Star Shot

January 11 U of Rochester Byron Bergen, LeRoy, Wilson, Hilton Lyndonville - Shot

January 11 Webster Thomas, Penfield, Brighton

January 17 Webster Schroeder, Batavia, Spencerport

January 18 Chiropractor- Rush Henrietta, Marcus Whitman, Wilson, Holley, Lyons

January 18 Chiropractor Arcadia, Pal Mac, Penfield, Midlakes/Geneva, Wayland

January 24 Roberts Spencerport, Eastridge, Brighton, Newark

January 25 Hobart Dansville, Hornell, Mercy, Franklin, Marshall

February 1 Hobart Dansville, Newark, Olympia, Holley, Franklin, Wayland

Red Jacket Shot, North Star - Shot

February 7 Chiropractor East Rochester, Fairport, Mercy Arcadia

February 8 Chiropractor Thomas, Schroeder, HAC, East, Olympia


Sectionals and State Qualifier Meets Jobs to be Assigned.


The jobs of the Host Schools are as follows:




Underlined school is in charge of the meet