2003 2004


 December 12 at Roberts Wesleyan - Aquinas, Byron Bergen, Oakfield Alabama, Hilton, Churchville


December 12 at New York Chiropractor Palmyra Macedon, North Rose Wolcott, Red Jacket, Midlakes, Williamson


December 13 at University of Rochester Sutherland, Mendon, East, Wilson, Edison, SOTA, Marshall


December 19 at Hobart East Rochester, Marion, Marcus Whitman, Lyons, North Rose Wolcott, Red Jacket


December 20 at Hobart Arcadia, Brockport, McQuaid, Hornell, Franklin


December 29 at Hobart

Set Up Wilson, Edison, East, Athena

Take Down Newark, Palmyra Macedon, Hilton, Spencerport


January 3 at Hobart Hornell, Sutherland, Mendon, Marion, McQuaid, Olympia


January 9 at Roberts Wesleyan Thomas, Schroeder, Victor, Olympia


January 10 at University of Rochester LeRoy, Dansville, Livonia, Franklin, Red Creek


January 10 at Roberts Wesleyan Brockport, Athena, Gates Chili, Churchville


January 16 at Hobart Schroeder, Thomas, Midlakes, HAC


January 17 at Hobart Victor, Byron Bergen, LeRoy, SOTA, Marshall, Red Creek


January 23 at Roberts Wesleyan Batavia, HAC, Rush Henrietta, Penfield


January 24 at Hobart Romulus, Gates Chili, Fairport, Brighton, East Irondequoit


January 30 at New York Chiropractor Romulus, Oakfield Alabama, Lyons, Newark


January 31 at New York Chiropractor

Set Up Spencerport, East Rochester

Take Down Arcadia, Livonia, Aquinas


February 7 at New York Chiropractor Batavia, Fairport, Penfield, Brighton

February 7 at Hobart Rush Henrietta, Dansville, Williamson, East Irondequoit


The jobs of the Host Schools are as follows:



Underlined school is in charge of the meet