10:00 A.M. TO 6:00 P.M.


You and your team are cordially invited to attend the Rochester Relays on Saturday, January 3 at Hobart/ William Smith Colleges Field house.  The track is 8 lanes and 200  meters long.  There is a long jump pit and pole vault area, and the shot put is thrown off wood.  We have made some changes in this year’s format, so please read carefully.


10:00 – Earliest anyone may enter building.

10:30:  Girls/ Boys 3 Person Shuttle Hurdles Relay (55m)         

            Girls Mile Racewalk                                                    Boys/Girls 2 Person Long Jump Relay

            Girls’ Individual 3000m Run                                      followed by Triple Jump

            Boys’ Individual 3200m Run                                     Boys’/ Girls 2 Person Shot Put Relay 

            Girls/ Boys 4 Person Shuttle Sprint  Relay ( 55m)

            Girls/ Boys 3200m Relay                                          Girls/ Boys Individual Pole Vault

            Girls/ Boys Double 4 x 1 Lap Relay                          Girls/ Boys Individual High Jump      

            Girls/Boys Distance Medley ( 1200/400/800/1600)

            Girls/Boys 4 x 200m Relay - Trials

            Girls/ Boys Descending Relay ( 5 – 4- 3- 2 Laps)

            Girls/ Boys 4 x 200m Relay - Final

            Girls/ Boys Sprint Medley ( 800 – 200- 200 – 400)

            Girls 4 x 1600m Relay

            Girls/ Boys 4 x 400m Relay

            Boys 4 x 1600m Relay


Qualifying Standards:

            For individual events, all schools may enter one athlete.  If they wish two enter 2 athletes, both athletes must have met the following qualifying standards this season, and these marks are verified on the track leader board.



Awards: No team scoring

            Medals 1 – 3 in relays and individual events

            Ribbons 4 – 8


Other Information:

  1. Rubber Bottom Shoes Only – No spikes, No Plastic Plates
  2. Supply your own blocks and batons
  3. No fly zones
  4. Starting Heights:

Girls’ Pole Vault – 7’ 0”

Boys’ Pole Vault – 9’0”

Girls High Jump – 4’ 0”

Boys’ High Jump – 5’ 0”

  1. Uniform rule is in effect
  2. Please have athletes bring index card for relays with them when they report to the clerk or field event judge when their event is called.
  3. There will be a concession stand.  Athletes and coaches are reminded that they are not to eat on the floor of the field house
  4. For RWTL schools who have teams of one, their athlete may compete alone in the field event relays.  An athlete may do three events.  A school may enter one relay per event.
  5. No Oldfield style in the shot.
  6. Use a 4 x 400 time for the Double 4 x 1 lap relay.  Each runner will run once, then the 4th runner will give the baton to the 1st runner , and they will go again.
  7. For the 4 x 1600m Relay – a school must provide a counter to count their team’s laps

Entry Fee

            For Rochester Winter Track League Schools, the Fee is all ready included in your dues.

            For non – Rochester Winter Track League Schools, the fee is

            Individual Events - $10.00 per individual

            Relay s- $20.00 per relay

            $140 Maximum.


Please make any checks or vouchers out to the Rochester Winter Track League

Please send checks/ vouchers and entries to Dave Hennessey

                                                                        1352 Pinnacle Road

                                                                        Henrietta, New York 14467


Entries are due by Tuesday, December 31 by NOON 
You may email them to or fax them to Penfield HS at 585-385-3492.
  Any questions, Contact me at Victor (585-924-3252 ext 5231) or my home ( 585-334-6323).