1.    You must enter your athletes on the official entry form with the signatures at the bottom as specified in the handbook indicating that these student/athletes are eligible to represent the school in the specified events.


This is due to your Coordinator by Sunday, May 16.


And now for the new part of the entry process. We are testing out an on-line database entry system created and maintained by LeoneTimingSytems.


2.    You must go to to create a school account. Please email me or someone else who has already done this to get the Section V Password. You will then have the ability to set up your team (one per sex) with your own password.


Once the account has been made, you need to enter each athlete into your team account.


Then you need to select the Section V AA/A meet and then put your entries in one at a time, indicating the athlete, average performance, FAT or Hand Time, etc.


You can view your line up and print it as verification. (we are still using the form as a backup since we are trying this out for the first time).


Due Date and Time: All on-line entries must be submitted by Sunday, May 16 8:00 pm.


One hour after the closing date and time, the entries will be downloaded into the meet by Dave Yendrzeski .


The Section V coordinators will then be meeting in Dansville on Monday, May 17 at 8:00 am to complete the entry process (accepts, rejects, hardship cases, seeding, meet mgt., etc.) The meet entries might be posted at soon thereafter.


Coaches who have rejected entries will definitely be contacted by their coordinator following the meeting.


Thank you for your participation in this new process. Please direct any questions/comments to your League Coordinator as we will be reviewing this at our end-of-season meetings. See you at the meets.