Rochester Winter Track League


Minutes from the Pre-season Meeting


Penfield High School


11/10/2004          7 PM



Welcome    Dave Hennessey opened the meeting by welcoming all the coaches old and new. He requested that all coaches sign in and pickup handbooks for the head coaches and assistant coaches. 


Treasurer’ s Report - George Williams explained the report that was given to all the coaches for last year’s expenses.  He advised that all the rentals would increase in cost not only for the use of the building but because there may be added cost for security and other required expenses. He then advised that this year he hopes to cut down on the coast of truck rentals because of newly acquired bus driver’s license. He also advised that the cost of awards would lessen due to the fact that there will be no Rochester Relays this year.


He further advised that they have not increased league dues this year; however that will have to be looked out for next year. There will be awards for the JV Championships and Invitational.  He hopes, if the concessions go well, there should be awards for the top three in the “Meet of Champions”


Season Passes: Parents and guest will be able to by a season pass for all league meets for $25.  This pass does not include Sectionals and Intersectionals.


Dave’s Highlights


  1. All the order of events are in the handbook for all the meets including sectionals. The December 23rd Meet has different events, which have been requested by a number of coaches.


  1. On Friday meets, we may have to do a double starting line. Also, in some meets the athlete will only be allowed six jumps in the High Jump and Pole Vault.


  1. Rosters.   Please submit your roster as soon as possible. List the them in Alphabetical order and place a number beside their name. Make sure your athletes know their number.


4.     If the meet states that athlete can do only two events; then the athlete can only do two events.


  1. Pole Vault sheets.  Please make sure that your pole vault sheets are up to date and accurate. It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that the athlete is using the proper pole.


  1. Boys can now wear one piece uniforms.


  1. Covering jewelry. Please do have the athlete tape over their ear rings or other jewelry. This can be consider a sportsmanship violation and subject to penalties


  1.  Cards. Please use only 3 x 5 cards to enter your athletes and place the running events in the box and field to the side on the table.  Please make sure all the information needed to seed the event is on the cards.  Also, make sure that boy’s cards are with the boys and girl’s cards are with the girls. Each athlete needs their own card for both running and field events.


  1. Relays: Please place the full names of the athletes on the cards. If they finish in 1st place make sure the information is accurate for the newspapers.


  1.  Please fill out the form in the back of the handbook and request the four dates you would like your team to host.  The handbook lists the duties of the host schools. Also, if you are using vouchers, please give your three vouchers to Dave.   If not using vouchers, please sign up for the meets you or your coaches will work,


11.                        Reporting qualified athletes.  The handbook lists both the class automatic and provisional standard for qualifying for sectionals.  Each coach must report qualified athletes to their class registrar no later than two weeks. The coaches email addresses will be on our Internet site.


  1. Safety: There have been some on-campus incidents at some of the sites that could be a concern to all of us.  Your athletes should remain in the facilities at all times. At a good number of our meets there will concessions stands.  The athletes will not have to go out side to get something to eat.


  1. Internet :  . then go to TRACK INDOOR – all the information you need should be there.


  1. All League: Top six athletes in the each major event will be names all-league. The top three relays will also be named all-league.







Submitted By Ray Manuszak