Dear _______________ (Assemblyman, Assemblywoman, Senator),


            I am opposed to Legislation A2162/S2064 entitled “Fairness in High School Athletic Competition Act” sponsored by Assemblyman Joseph D. Morelle (D-Rochester) and Senator Thomas W. Libous (R-Broome,Tioga,Chenango).  Bill A2162/S2064 calls for a revamping of the entry system to all high school state championship competitions sponsored by the public schools of New York State.  Specifically, the bill imposes a multiple entry system that eliminates our long standing participation procedures.


             ___________________ is a member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Inc. (NYSPHSAA) which is a non-profit private association of member schools consisting of 780 member high schools.  The organization is comprised of 11 Sections, and _________________ School District is a member of Section _____.  Our membership provides my school an active voice and the ability to effect change for our student athletes and athletic programs.  This legislation would limit our schools’ input by changing the current process that has been in place for over 80 years.


            Our school and others throughout the state would suffer numerous hardships should it become enacted into law.  Overemphasis will be placed on qualifying for a state championship reducing the number of regular season contests we currently schedule.  Our already limited budget will have to provide for excessive travel to meet the provisions of this bill.  Greater loss of valuable school time, in this era of higher academic standards, will also be a factor.  This legislation may seem to enhance the opportunity for a select few but will consequently reduce opportunity for many more athletes in our programs.


            As an educator and employee of the ___________________ School District, I strongly support the NYSPHSAA’s Constitution that allows for equal participation of all member schools in deciding when changes are necessary and appropriate for our educationally based athletic programs.  I strongly urge you as my elected representative to oppose Bill A2162/S2064.