DATE:            Saturday, April 23, 2005

TIME:            9:00     AM      Coaches’ Meeting

                        9:30     AM      First Events Start


AWARDS:     Medals to top 3 Varsity finishers, ribbons to places 4-6

                        Medals to each remember of the top 3 relays, ribbons to places 4-6

                        Ribbons to top 5 JV finishers and top 3 relays


ENTRY FEE: $50 per boys’ team, $50 per girls’ team


                        Make checks payable to the Dansville All-Sports Booster’s Club


                        Mail entries to:

                                    Val Fadziewicz             School: 335-4010 ext. 310

                                    Dansville High School   Home:  243-0478

                                    Dansville, NY 14437                Fax:      335-4016

DEADLINE:  The invitational is limited to the first 16 teams to respond.




Athletes are limited to 3 events total

Athletes may not compete in both varsity and JV events

Note: All JV running events are relays

Each team is allowed 3 varsity athletes per event, and 3 JV field event athletes per JV event

Each team is allowed 1 varsity relay, but limited JV relays

Long & triple jumps, and shot & discus will have both varsity and JV fields

Each athlete will be allowed 3 attempts in the field events. There are no finals

Pole vault and high jump will be fore varsity only.

Long and triple jumps will be open pits, one and half-hours for each varsity and JV field.

Each team may have unlimited entries in the steeplechase and the 1500/1600

All seedings shall be done on the day of the meet. Bring 3x5 index cards with you to the coaches’ meeting

All races are finals

Spikes are limited to 1/8th inch

Starting blocks will be provided

No spikes in the pole vault or high jump

T-shirts ($12) and concession stands will be available


Yes, we will be attending!


School________________________              Coach___________________________


Boys Team?___________________               Girls Team?_______________________





Running Events (9:30 am)

(Girls races will be first):


1.)    400 M Hurdles

2.)    100 M Dash

3.)    800 M Run

4.)    JV...4 x 100 Relay

5.)    4 x 100 Relay

6.)    2000/3000 M Steeplechase

7.)    JV... 4 x 200 Relay

8.)    200 M Dash

9.)    4 x 800 Relay

10.)            400 M Dash

11.)            100/110 M Hurdles

12.)            1500/1600 M run

13.)            JV... 4x400 Relay


Field Events (9:30 am)

(There are 2 jumping pits, but only 1 high jump area and 1 pole vault area)

(Long jump and triple jump, 1 ½ hours open pit, 3 attempts per athlete)

(Starting heights for high jump and pole vault are yet to be determined)

(Shot and discus will be seeded into flights, 3 attempts per athlete)


1.      Boys and Girls Varsity Long Jump

2.      Girls Pole Vault

3.      Girls High Jump

4.      JV Boys Shot Put

5.      JV Girls Discus

6.      Varsity Boys Shot Put

7.      Varsity girls Discus

8.      Boys and Girls JV Long Jump

9.      Boys Pole Vault

10.  Boys High Jump

11.  Boys and Girls Varsity Triple Jump

12.  JV Boys Discus

13.  JV Girls Shot Put

14.  Varsity Boys Discus

15.  Varsity Girls Shot Put

16.  Boys and Girls JV Triple Jump