Section V Large Schools (Class AA, A and BB)
Boys 2005 Leaderboard
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
. = senior, * = junior, ** = sophomore, *** = freshman, ^ = eighth, ^^ = seventh
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Min. Standard
Name School Perf Meet/Site Class Date
(Best F.A.T. times listed at the top / Best Hand times listed below)
100 Meter Dash Hand Times 11.6
Daniel Harris. Edison 10.5 Wilson/Charlotte Tri AA 6-Apr
Alvin Flemming EastRidge 10.9 Batavia Dual BB 3-May
Ernest Jackson. Gates Chili 11.1 Dual AA 13-Apr
Tom Shepard. Pittsford 11.2 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Erik Bell. Edison 11.2 Marshall/Madison Tri AA 27-Apr
Terrell Gissendanner. Edison 11.24 f CNS Invite AA 7-May
Yannick Prescod *** McQuaid 11.3 Wilson Dual A 13-Apr
Robert Riley* Edison 11.3 Marshall/Madison Tri AA 27-Apr
Brandon Wilbur* RH 11.4 Pittsford Dual AA 6-Apr
Dan Lucas. Victor 11.5 Newark Dual BB 3-May
Chris Thomas** Gates Chili 11.5 Gates Chili AA 31-Mar
Calvin Sandlin. RH 11.6 Penfield Dual AA 13-Apr
Justin Kemp EastRidge 11.6 Batavia Dual BB 3-May
Chris Schaefer*** RH 11.7 JV meet RH AA 15-Apr
Mike Avery* Gates Chili 11.7 Penfield AA 4-May
Miguel Gonzalez** Gates Chili 11.7 Pittsford AA 27-Apr
Nick Iuliucci* Pittsford 11.8 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Tim Farrell* Victor 12 Midlakes Dual BB 5-Apr
110 meter Hurdles
Terrell Gissendanner. Edison 13.7 East/Franklin Tri AA 13-Apr
Nick Assini. Gates Chili 14.7 Newark Invite AA 7-May
Joe Greene. Edison 14.99 f His/Her Victor AA 30-Apr
Andrew Omoregie Gates Chili 15.0 Penfield  AA 4-May
Mike Wodarski McQuaid 15.3 Newark Invit A 19-Apr
AJ Power. Victor 15.6 Canandaigua Dual BB 12-Apr
Cedric Crowder** Gates Chili 15.9 Newark Invite AA 7-May
Chandler Brown EastRidge 16.0 Arcadia Dual BB 5-Apr
Tyler Babeck EastRidge 16.7 Batavia Dual BB 3-May
David Lien* RH 16.8 Victor AA 21-Apr
Rueben Harrison EastRidge 16.9 Olympia Dual BB 27-Apr
Ryan Jenerson* Edison 17.1 Spring Break out/Newark AA 19-Apr
Tim Dillon* Pittsford 17.14 f County Champs. at RH AA 14-May
Andy Fessler* Victor 17.3 Canandaigua Dual BB 12-Apr
Brian Soller** Victor 17.6 Twilight Invite BB 6-May
Will Campbell** Pittsford 17.7 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Jay Bryant. RH 18.2 Penfield Dual AA 13-Apr
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
200 meter dash 24.2
Alvin Flemming EastRidge 22.45 f Batavia Dual BB 3-May
Daniel Harris. Edison 22.5 Wilson/Charlotte Tri AA 6-Apr
Joe Greene. Edison 22.5 Spring Break out AA 19-Apr
Terrell Gissendanner. Edison 22.7 Marshal/Madison Tri AA 27-Apr
Ernest Jackson. Gates Chili 22.7 Dual AA 13-Apr
Tom Shepard. Pittsford 23.1 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Robert Riley* Edison 23.57 f CNS Invite AA 7-May
Brandon Wilbur* RH 23.6 McQuaid AA 9-May
Chris Schaefer*** RH 23.7 Newark AA 19-Apr
Nick Iuliucci* Pittsford 23.7 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Mike Dempsey** Gates Chili 23.7 Fairport AA 12-Apr
Miguel Gonzalez** Gates Chili 23.8 Pittsford AA 27-Apr
Yannick Prescod*** McQuaid 23.9 East Dual A 27-Apr
Jordan Brown. Pittsford 24 HFL Classic AA 6-May
Alex Kosters. Pittsford 24.0 HFL Classic AA 6-May
Erik Bell. Edison 24.0 Wilson/Charlotte Tri AA 6-Apr
Calvin Sandlin. RH 24.2 Penfield Dual AA 13-Apr
Jeff Suhr Victor 24.2 Canandaigua Dual BB 12-Apr
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
400 meter run 54.0
Joe Greene. Edison 48.02 f CNS Invite AA 7-May
Kyle Abron** Edison 51.91 f CNS Invite AA 7-May
Jeff Suhr. Victor 52.3 Newark Dual BB 3-May
Tom Shepard. Pittsford 52.6 Honeoye Falls-Lima Dual AA 19-Apr
Jordan Brown. Pittsford 52.7 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Pete Schwalm* McQuaid 53.2 East Dual A 27-Apr
Alex Kosters. Pittsford 53.7 Gates-Chili Dual AA 27-Apr
Daniel Harris. Edison 53.8 Ruch Invite AA 24-Mar
Mike Avery* Gates Chili 53.8 Pittsford AA 27-Apr
Shawn Cobb EastRidge 53.9 Batavia Dual BB 3-May
Nick Herman. Gates Chili 54. Athena AA 6-Apr
Corey Harris*** Gates Chili 54.2 Pittsford AA 27-Apr
Charlie McCarthy. Pittsford 54.6 Rush Hen Dual AA 6-Apr
Jon Brotsch** Victor 55.2 Newark Dual BB 3-May
Chris Schaefer*** RH 55.4 Athena Dual AA 4-May
Calvin Sandlin RH 55.7 McQuaid AA 9-May
300 meter Hurdles  
Joe Greene. Edison 37.1 HFL Invite AA 30-Mar
TerrellGissendanner. Edison 38.7 HFL Invite AA 30-Mar
Mike Wodarski McQuaid 41.82 f Lock Haven Invit A 22-Apr
Mekquish Gunner* Edison 45.3 HFL Invite AA 30-Mar
Ryan Jenerson* Edison 46.4 HFL Invite AA 30-Mar
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
400 meter Hurdles 62.0
TerrellGissendanner. Edison 55.26 His/Her Victor AA 30-Apr
Joe Greene. Edison 56.33 CNS Invite AA 7-May
Nick Assini. Gates Chili 57.8 Penfield AA 4-May
AJ Power. Victor 58.06 Twilight Invite BB 6-May
Mike Wodarski McQuaid 58.5 Newark Invit A 9-Apr
Kevin O'Riley** Gates Chili 62.1 Newark Invit AA 7-May
Will Haskell. RH 62.3 Fairport AA 26-Apr
Paul Estes EastRidge 62.4 Batavia Dual BB 3-May
Brian Soller** Victor 62.4 Newark Dual BB 3-May
Wells Crawley. Gates Chili 63.4 Athena AA 6-Apr
Andy Fessler* Victor 63.5 Canandaigua Dual BB 26-Apr
Tyler Babeck EastRidge 63.7 Batavia Dual BB 3-May
Matt Gacioch* Pittsford 65.0 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Ryan Jenerson. Edison 65.9 East/Franklin Tri AA 13-Apr
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
800 meter run 2:10.0
Eric English** Pittsford 1:58.3 HFL Classic AA 6-May
Bill Phipps* Pittsford 1:58.80 County Champs. at RH AA 14-May
Joe Greene. Edison 1:58.10 His/Her Victor AA 30-Apr
Tim Quinn** Pittsford 2:00.5 HFL Dual AA 19-Apr
Will Haskell. RH 2:01.6 Hornell Invite AA 29-Apr
Ben Hall** Victor 2:03.6 Newark Dual BB 3-May
Chris Antonitis* Pittsford 2:03.6 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Pete Schwalm* McQuaid 2:04.5 East Dual A 27-Apr
Jon Gauthier. RH 2:05.2 Athena Dual AA 4-May
Charlie McCarthy. Pittsford 2:05.8 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Jason Esposito. RH 2:06.8 McQuaid AA 9-May
Brian Farrel. Gates Chili 2:07.0 Pittsford AA 27-Apr
Brett Dolan. RH 2:07.5 Fairport Dual AA 26-Apr
Mark Benjamin* Victor 2:08.2 Newark Dual BB 3-May
Kyle Blum** Pittsford 2:08.2 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Josh Lopez EastRidge 2:08.4 Batavia Dual BB 3-May
Matt Walrath** Pittsford 2:09.8 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Mark Prok** RH 2:09.7 Fairport Dual AA 26-Apr
John Dominquez. Edison 2:09.08 McQuaid/Freddie Dual AA 4-May
Kyle Abron** Edison 2:10.8 McQuaid/Freddie Tri AA 4-May
Chris Kahovec. Victor 2:10.9 Newark Dual BB 3-May
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
1600 meter run 4:50.0
Tim Quinn** Pittsford 4:28.76 County Champs at RH AA 14-May
Will Haskell. RH 4:30.5 Hornell Invite AA 29-Apr
Eric English** Pittsford 4:30.5 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Ben Hall** Victor 4:31.43 His/Her Victor BB 30-Apr
Mark Morrell. Victor 4:34.99 His/Her Victor BB 30-Apr
Jon Gauthier. RH 4:35.3 McQuaid AA 9-May
Joe Greene. Edison 4:36.0 McQuaid/Freddie Tri AA 4-May
Derek Seber** McQuaid 4:37.6 Newark Invit A 19-Apr
Bill Phipps* Pittsford 4:38.3 HFL Classic AA 6-May
Brett Dolan. RH 4:41.4 Hornell Invite AA 29-Apr
Ben DeGeorge. RH 4:42.0 Athena Dual AA 4-May
Brian Farrel. Gates Chili 4:42.0 Fairport AA 12-Apr
Jason Esposito. RH 4:45.1 Athena Dual AA 4-May
John Podeszek Gates Chili 4:48 Penfield AA 4-May
Charles Ruhland. RH 4:48.2 Athena Dual AA 4-May
Alex Kriwan** Pittsford 4:48.7 Gates-Chili Dual AA 27-Apr
Zach Rivers*** Victor 4:49 Newark Dual BB 3-May
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
1 mile run
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
3200 meter run 10:40
Jon Gauthier. RH 9:52.6 Hornell Invite AA 29-Apr
Will Haskell. RH 9:52.65 Victor AA 21-Apr
Ben Hall** Victor 9:53.1 Midlakes BB 5-Apr
Zach Rivers*** Victor 10:01.50 His/Her Victor BB 30-Apr
Mark Morrell. Victor 10:06.6 Victor Spring Break BB 21-Apr
Derrek Seber** McQuaid 10:06.7 Lock Haven Invit, PA A 22-Apr
Tim Quinn** Pittsford 10:08.0 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Ben DeGeorge. RH 10:09.5 Hornell Invite AA 29-Apr
Brett Dolan RH 10:11.2 McQuaid AA 9-May
John Podeszek Gates Chili 10:18 Penfield AA 4-May
Alex Krwan** Pittsford 10:28.80 His/Her Victor AA 30-Apr
Paul Phelan*** Pittsford 10:30.6 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
Matt Avery** Gates Chili 10:38 Penfield AA 4-May
Charles Ruhland. RH 10:41.67 Victor AA 21-Apr
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
Steeple Chase 11:20
Will Haskell. RH 09:50.2 Royal Comet AA 7-May
Ben Hall** Victor 10:06.7 Newark BB 8-Apr
Mark Morrell. Victor 10:23.3 Newark BB 8-Apr
Zach Rivers*** Victor 10:25.1 Newark BB 8-Apr
Brian Farrel. Gates Chili 10:32.4 Newark AA 7-May
Jon Podeszek* Gates Chili 10:37.0 Newark AA 7-May
Ben DeGeorge. RH 10:43.1 Newark AA 8-Apr
Mike Kurvach*** Victor 10:55.1 Newark BB 7-May
Kurt Alvut. RH 11:12.3 Royal Comet AA 7-May
Grant Lytle. Victor 11:18 Newark BB 7-May
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
4 x 100 meter Relay 46.5
Edison 43.2 Wilson/Charlotte Tri AA 6-Apr
Gates Chili 45.5 Newark Invite AA 7-May
EastRidge 45.7 Batavia Dual BB 3-May
McQuaid 45.9 East Dual A 27-Apr
RH 46.33 Royal Comet AA 7-May
Victor 46.57 Canandaigua Dual BB 26-Apr
Pittsford 46.7 HFL Dual AA 19-Apr
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
4 x 400 meter Relay 3:50
Pittsford  3:30.69 County Champs. at RH AA 14-May
Edison  3:35.05 CNS Invite AA 7-May
McQuaid  3:35.8 East Dual A 27-Apr
Gates Chili 3:41 His/Her Victor AA 30-Apr
EastRidge  3:43.4 Batavia BB 3-May
RH 3:45 Hornell Invite AA 29-Apr
Victor 03:48.9 Canandaigua Dual BB 26-Apr
*FAT times better by .24 sec (under 400) and .14 sec (over 400)
4 x 800 meter Relay 9:00
McQuaid 8:22.1 Lock Haven Invit, PA A 27-Apr
Pittsford 08:28.8 His/Her Victor AA 30-Apr
RH 08:29.5 Newark AA 19-Apr
Victor 08:44.3 Twilight Invite BB 6-May
Gates Chili 08:45.0 Spencerport AA 31-Mar
Discus Throw 105' 0"
Drew Johnson. Pittsford 132' 10 Athena-Odyssey Dual AA 11-Apr
Alex Jimenez. Gates Chili 130' 9 Gates Chili AA 31-Mar
Tobie Lewis* Edison 129' 5 HFL Invite AA 30-Mar
Andre Beales* Edison 128' 5 Spring Breakout AA 19-Apr
Steve O'Riley. Gates Chili 120' 11 Gates Chili AA 31-Mar
Andrew Johnson* Pittsford 116' 8 Athena-Odyssey Dual AA 11-Apr
Matt Hudson* RH 116' 6 Newark AA 19-Apr
Rob Martz* Victor 114' 2 Newark Dual BB 3-May
Jay Bryant. RH 114' 2 Gates Chili Dual AA 11-May
Kyle Baker. Gates Chili 111' 2 Gates Chili AA 31-Mar
Brian Norton* RH 106' 11 Batavia AA 29-Apr
Eric McKnight*** RH 102' 11 Fairport Dual AA 26-Apr
Matt Lawson* RH 100' 7 Gates Chili Dual AA 11-May
Kerry Upshaw. RH 100' 2 Pittsford Dual AA 6-Apr
Shot Put 39' 0"
Andre Beals* Edison 52' 2.25 Spring Breakout AA 19-Apr
Tobie Lewis* Edison 43' 5 CNS Invite AA 7-May
Drew Johnson. Pittsford 43' 2.25 Athena-Odyssey Dual AA 11-Apr
Ernest Jackson. Gates Chili 41' 10.5 Dual AA 13-Apr
Mike Nabors. Edison 41' 6.25 McQuaid/Freddie Tri AA 4-May
Jay Bryant. RH 40' McQuaid AA 9-May
Andrew Omoregie* Gates Chili 40' His/Her Victor AA 30-Apr
Matt Hudson* RH 38' 8   Gates Chili Dual AA 11-May
Alan Smegelgis. Gates Chili 38' 2 Fairport AA 12-Apr
Doug Otto** Pittsford 37' 8.5 Athena-Odyssey Dual AA 11-Apr
Erik Johnson* Pittsford 37' 7.5 Fairport Dual AA 4-May
JJ Crane* Victor 35' 8.5 Twilight Invite BB 6-May
Rob Martz* Victor 35' 7.5 Canandaigua Dual BB 12-Apr
Long Jump 19' 0"
Terrell Gissendanner. Edison 21' 7.5 Wilson/Charlotte Tri AA 6-Apr
Andrew Omoregie* Gates Chili 21' 2 Dual AA 5-Apr
Joe Green. Edison 21' .5 Spring Breakout AA 19-Apr
Mike Avery* Gates Chili 20' 9.25 Faiport AA 12-Apr
Tom Shepard. Pittsford 20' 9 County Champs. at RH AA 14-May
Ernest Jackson. Gates Chili 20' 7 Newark Invite AA 7-May
Robert James EastRidge 20' 3.25 Batavia BB 3-May
Tom Way McQuaid 19' 10 Wilson Dual A 13-Apr
Jonnah Whipple* RH 19' 7.75 McQuaid AA 9-May
Erik Bell. Edison 19' 7 Wilson/Charlotte Tri AA 6-Apr
Byron Williams* Edison 19' 6.5 East/Franklin Tri AA 13-Apr
Calvin Sandlin. RH 19' 5 McQuaid AA 9-May
Kevin O'Riley** Gates Chili 19' 2.75 Gates Chili AA 31-Mar
Chris Thomas** Gates Chili 19' .5 Pittsford AA 27-Apr
Kyle Abron** Edison 18' 4 East/Franklin Tri AA 13-Apr
AJ Power. Victor 18' 4 Canandaigua Dual BB 12-Apr
Triple Jump 39' 0"
Terell Gissendanner. Edison 44' 8 His/Her Victor AA 30-Apr
Erik Bell. Edison 43' 10.25 Spring Breakout AA 19-Apr
Joe Greene. Edison 42' 5.5 McQuaid/Freddie Tri AA 4-May
Andrew Omoregie* Gates Chili 42' 5.25 Gates Chili AA 31-Mar
Kevin O'Riley** Gates Chili 42' 2 Newark Invite AA 7-May
Chris Thomas** Gates Chili 42' Gates Chili AA 31-Mar
Nick Minter. RH 41' 4 Athena Dual AA 4-May
Ryan Jenerson* Edison 40' 7.75 Spring Breakout AA 19-Apr
Tom Way McQuaid 39' 4 Wilson Dual A 13-Apr
Jonnah Whipple* RH 39' 4 McQuaid AA 9-May
Robert James EastRidge 39' 1.25 Batavia Dual BB 3-May
Mike Avery* Gates Chili 38' 9.5 Spencerport AA 31-Mar
AJ Power. Victor 38' 4.5 Canandaigua Dual BB 12-Apr
Will Campbell** Pittsford 37' 11 HFL Classic AA 6-May
David Lien* RH 37' 8.5 Fairport Dual AA 26-Apr
Brian Guilford. Edison 37' 6.5 McQuaid/Freddie Tri AA 4-May
Pole Vault 10' 6"
Mike Dempsey** Gates Chili 14' Fairport AA 12-Apr
Nick Herman. Gates Chili 14' Fairport AA 12-Apr
Dave DiVirgilio. McQuaid 13' McQuaid A 27-Apr
Nick Interlicchia. Gates Chili 12' 6 RH Invite AA 6-May
Tony Nugyen** Gates Chili 11' JV Churchville AA 29-Apr
Dan Lucas. Victor 9' 6 Twilight Invite BB 6-May
Niel Anderson* Gates Chili 9' 6 Dual AA 5-Apr
Adam Girdner*** Gates Chili 9' 6 Penfield AA 4-May
Chris Wilson*** Gates Chili 9' 6 Penfield AA 4-May
Matt Walters*** RH 9' Athena Dual AA 4-May
Ming Wei Hsu** RH 9' McQuaid AA 9-May
Howard Woodham*** RH 8' 6 Newark AA 19-Apr
Ben Hessney* Pittsford 8' 6 Faiport Dual AA 4-May
High Jump 5' 8"
Jonnah Whipple* RH 6' 6 Gates Chili AA 11-May
Andrew Ormoregie* Gates Chili 6' 4 His/Her Victor AA 30-Apr
Will Campbell** Pittsford 6' 1 Rush-Hen Dual AA 6-Apr
Chris Thomas** Gates Chili 6' Athena AA 6-Apr
Tom Way McQuaid 5' 10 RW - Shirt Meet A 16-Apr
Erik Bell. Edison 5' 10 East/Franklin Tri AA 13-Apr
Andy Fessler* Victor 5' 10 Midlakes Dual BB 5-Apr
Webb. Gates Chili 5' 10 Newark Invite AA 7-May
Nick Herman. Gates Chili 5' 10 Faiport AA 12-Apr
Byron Williams* Edison 5' 8 HFL Invite AA 30-Mar
Robert Filey* Edison 5' 8 HFL Invite AA 30-Mar
Wooten Corey** Gates Chili 5' 8 Fairport  AA 12-Apr
Nick Minter. RH 5' 6 Olympia Dual AA 1-Apr
Don Grinion Gates Chili 5' 6 Penfield AA 4-May
Pentathlon 1900 pts
Andrew Omoregie* Gates Chili 3052 His/Her Victor AA 30-Apr
Cedric Crowder** Gates Chili 2687 Newark Invit AA 7-May
Tim Dillon* Pittsford 2215 County Champs. at RH AA 14-May
Conor Shelly McQuaid 2166 Newark Invit A 19-Apr
Wells Crawley. Gates Chili 2125 Newark Invit AA 7-May
Brian Soller* Victor 2007 His/Her Victor BB 30-Apr
Jay Bryant RH 1994 Royal Comet AA 7-May
Kevin Baxter** Victor 1964 His/Her Victor BB 30-Apr
Nick Lamanna. RH 1540 Newark Invit AA 19-Apr