Section V State Qualifier

Track & Field Championships


May 27, 2005 at HFL


Starting Time:  5:00 pm  (Field events, Girls steeple chase)

Officials Meeting:  4:00 pm  --  Coaches Meeting:  4:15 pm



Order of Events:

            In all running and field events the following sequence will be used:

                        Girls’ Division II   (Small School)

                        Girls’ Division I    (Large School)

                        Boys’ Division II  (Small School)

                        Boys’ Division I   (Large School)


Field Events:

            Long Jump first, followed by Triple Jump:  Division II Girls then Division I Girls  --  Division II  Boys then Division I  Boys  ( Note:  Long and Triple Jump done by Divisional Flights)

            High Jump:  Girls Division I & II together, followed by Boys Division I & II together

            Shot Put:  Girls first by divisional flights II then I, followed by the Boys (same order) 

            Discus:  Boys first, followed by the Girls  (Divisional flights II then I)

            Pole Vault: Boys first (I and II together), Girls (I and II together)



            Long Jump boys and girls then Triple Jump:  Pits are located outside of track

                        (Girls Pit 2nd pit in  --  Boys in Pit  closest to bleachers  )

            High Jump:  Pit is inside the track    see above for order

            Pole Vault:  Pit is inside the track  – combine both Divisions Girls and Boys

            Pentathlon Shot Put:  Will be Shot Put Pad #1 behind the scoreboard

            Pentathlon High Jump:  Pit inside of track.


Number of Attempts:

            FOUR (4) attempts in the Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put & Discus. NO FINALS !!

            Spike length is 1/8” for all areas of the HFL facility.

            Athletes may use tape for marks, providing athletes remove the tape when done competing.

High Jumpers may set two (2) marks , Long and Triple Jump get one (1) mark.


Starting Heights:

            High Jump:  Boys - 5ft-4in (2in increments up to 6ft, 1in thereafter)

                        Girls - 4ft-4in (2in increments up to 5ft, 1in thereafter)


            Pole Vault:  Boys - 10ft-0in (6in increments up to 12ft 6in, 3in thereafter)

                        Girls - 6ft-6in (6in increments up to 8ft 6in, 3in thereafter)



            800M Run: 2 Turn Box Stagger ( Divisions together- Girls then Boys );  1600m: 2 Turn box start,        3200m 2 Turn box ( Divisions  together )

            Girls 1500m Run : Waterfall start and 3000m – 1 Turn Box Stagger.  3200 relay –2 Turn box start

            1600 Relay - 3 turn stagger.( Run by division Girls then Boys) ** Please note: All running events that have a box start will be done by division , that way the runners will know who there immediate competition is.**


Pentathlon Field and Running events order :

            Girls Order:  100 Hurdles by division, High Jump-together, Shot put-together, Long Jump- together and 800  by division.

            Boys Order:   110 Hurdles by division, Shot put-together, Long Jump- together , High Jump – together,  1500m- By Division




Excused Athlete Clarification:

Excused time limit will be TWENTY (25) minutes.  However, in the High Jump and Pole Vault, if the athlete does not report back within TEN (10) minutes after the last competitor has initiated their final attempt, the bar will be raised and not lowered.


All Running events will clerk in at the White tent next to the Brick Building- Score board end. 

Weigh Ins for Shot put and Discus will be at the clerking area at the concession stand at the North end.

Pole vault will weigh in at the building where the pole vault is located.


HFL will provide all starting blocks.  No other blocks will be accepted.   1/8 “ Pin Spikes


Jury of Appeals

                     Monroe, Finger Lakes, and Allegany (Expressway)



N.Y.S. Track and Field Meet  Cards and Entries:

Coaches please remind your athletes that they must report to sign up for the state meet every time they qualify for an event.  If they qualify for an event but do not wish to participate in the state meet it is the coaches responsibility to come to the table and tell the state people that are doing registration so that they can take the next kid in line.  Coaches if you are going to change the line up on your relays for the state meet then you must see Lance or Kevin personally, otherwise the names that are on the relay card will be the ones that go.