Saturday, April  16th, 2005

Newark High School


FACILITIES:   Newark has an 8-lane, all-weather surface (1/8th spikes only, please), with a steeplechase pit, 2 shot areas, 2 discus sectors, 2 long jump/triple jump pits, and space for 2 high jump pits.


LIMITATIONS:  All athletes may compete in four events.  I know that you may have to scramble to fill events, but try to keep in the spirit of the JV events.  The long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus relays will have 3 competitors.  The high jump and pole vault relays will be 2-member teams.

New Info:  In the steeple, a school may  have unlimited entries to make up more than one relay team.
ex) 6 runners - 2 teams , 9 runners - 3 teams


AWARDS:  Ribbons for 1st-6th places in all relays.  Medals for the best performance in each field event.


ENTRIES:  Were going to hand in cards on the day of the meet.  Please have all cards in by 9:45.  We need cards for all events.  Its OK to make changes, but be sure that your athletes dont over-participate, and that if the team places in the top 6, make sure that we have the correct names for the results.  The 3 X 5 cards should look like this:

                        Event                                        Seed Performance



                        Athlete 1 (First & Last Names)

                        Athlete 2

                        Athlete 3

                        Athlete 4


FEES:  $50 for either a boys or a girls team, of $75 for both.  Please make check & vouchers payable to:

              NEWARK TRACK BOOSTER CLUB and send to:          Joe Contario, Track Coach

                                                                                                            Newark High School

                                                                                                            625 Peirson Ave.

                                                                                                            Newark, NY   14513




9:45     All Cards Handed In


               TRACK EVENTS (Girls Events First)                                              FIELD EVENTS

10:00   Distance Medley Relay  (800-400-1200-1600)     10:15   Long Jump Relay (B & G Same Time)

            Shuttle Hurdle Relay                                                                Girls Shot Put Relay

            JV 4 X 100 Relay                                                                      Boys Discus Relay

            4 X 100 Relay                                                                    Girls High Jump Relay (310)

            Girls Steeplechase Relay (2000m, 3 Runners, add times)                 Boys Pole Vault (76)

            JV Sprint Medley (800-200-200-400)

            Boys Steeplechase Relay (3000m, 3 Runners, add times                   Triple Jump Relay

            Sprint Medley (800-200-200-400)                                                   Boys Shot Put Relay

            3 X 400 Hurdles                                                                          Girls Discus Relay

            4 X 200 Relay                                                                  Boys High Jump Relay (410)

            4 X 800 Relay                                                                             Girls Pole Vault (66)

            4 X 400 Relay                                                                                     

                                                                                                   JV Long Jump Relay (Follows TJ)


QUESTIONS?  Call Joe!  Home: (315)789-0222, School (315)332-3200, ext.2186, (You have to push the # sign!) or email me at