Track & Field Online Entries Systems

Instructions for Attending Coaches

Wellsville Spring Day


  1. Go to the Sydex website (, and click on “Track Online Entries”.
  2. The main page for Online Entries appears.  Click “Roster Setup/Send Entries to a Meet”.
  3. The login screen appears.  Type in your User Name and Password if you are a returning user.

First–time users, click “Register as New User”, fill in the fields, and click “Proceed”.

The next screen asks for team information.  Fill in according to the on-screen directions.

Please use one (1) username and password for each school. (Boys & Girls teams)

We are charged $3.50 for each “team” that uses the site.  So if each school could use the same

Username & password for both boys & girls teams it helps with our costs.  An example could be as follows: username - crtrack / password – 14727(zip code).  Use something that can be easily remembered by both coaches.


  1. On the Meet Selection screen, select your meet (Wellsville Spring Day), then click

Proceed to Add/Change Rosters”….


      5.  You are now successfully logged into the meet.  Please review the meet information at bottom             

of the screen, take note of any “Special Instructions



  1. Enter your roster with the “View/Edit Roster” buttons.  Follow all instructions, making sure to enter athlete grade/class if your host requires it. 


  1.  Once you’ve entered your roster, return to main screen.  The events are listed in boxes –

Men on the left, Women on the right.  To begin, click on the first event in the list, and then click

“Add/Change Event Entries”.  Follow all instructions, clicking “Go to Next Event” as you work through the events.  Click “Confirm Entries and Return” button when you are finished.


  1. After all athletes are in events, you may view your work by returning to the previous screen and clicking “View a List of Your Entries”.  You may view entries by event, or by athlete.


  1. To send email of your entries to the host, click “Email your Entries to Host”.  You may send this email more than once, if necessary.



If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me.  It might not be a bad idea to go on ASAP and put your rosters in and then once time comes for the meet it will be easier.  This will hopefully allow you a little more flexibility in your line-up, and it is easier for me in that I won’t have to enter each athlete.  I’m sure we’ll have a few “glitches”, but hopefully they will be minor and we can catch them.

I really think this is going to be a very efficient way to run this meet.  I will send the usual lineup/entry form as I have sent in the past, as a work sheet of sorts.  Please go to the site and try it out.  Thanks and let me know what you think. 


Chris Brown – Meet Director