To:  All Monroe County Track Coaches

From:  Dave Hennessey

Re: Counties

Date:  May 9, 2006


Hope your season has been a good one.  You can tell that we have had nicer weather than usual because of the number of great performances that have occurred so far.


Because the JV Championships fall on the same day as the seeding meeting, Ray and I have decided that we will not have a meeting.  However, the following things must be done, so that we can have a great championship meet.


1.  Using the excel spread sheet, those people who’s final meet is Tuesday, May 16, need to have your entries into Dave Yendreski by Tuesday night.  If this will be impossible, please contact Dave with the time you will sending your entries on Wednesday.  If you can not download the sheet, email him immediately, and he will send it to you.


2. Those who have meets on Wednesday, send your entries Wednesday night.


3. On Thursday morning, Dave will put up the entries.  If you wish to scratch an entry, you must do so by sending Dave an email by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, May 19.  After that, all entries are considered final, and if an athlete does not participate in an event, then he/she is done in the meet from that point on.  Thus if Dave Hennessey wants to put one of his athletes in the 400, 800, 1600, and 3200, plus run that athlete in the relay, then he must contact Dave by 4:00 Friday, or that athlete can not compete in any relays.


4.  Friday evening, Dave, Ray, and I will meet and put the program together.  The beauty of the computer, is that no one gets an edge, because the computer does not know who anybody is.  FAT times will be ranked higher than hand held times.  If anybody wishes to join us, you are of course welcome to  come to Penfield.  Contact me, and I will give you more directions.


5.  Programs will be given out at the coaches meeting on Saturday morning.


The meet will start at Webster Thomas at 9:30 a.m., with a coaches’ meeting at 9:00.  Remember, the top three in the county will earn all county recognition.  Also, an athlete may run in a relay at the Varsity County Meet and still do individual events at the JV Counties.  An athlete may not do individual events at the Varsity County meet, and compete in the JV Meet.  We will ask people to serve on the jury of appeals on Saturday morning.  Also, remember, each school is allowed one entry at the county meet, but if  a school has more than one entry, all those athletes must have met the standards.  No Seniors may compete at the JV Counties.


Sectional entries are due to Dave Yendrzeski using the same format as the counties by noon on Monday, May 22.  That evening, the chair people from the County , Finger Lakes, and City Leagues will meet.  The way that you are submitting an entry is an average of his/her two best marks, from two different meets, with the exception of the steeplechase and the pentathlon, which need only one mark.  The top twenty- four athletes in laned events, and the top twenty field event and non-laned will advance.  At the sectional meet on Saturday, May 27, you will need to bring the verification sheet, found in your Section V handbook.  You need to look at the job section of the Section V handbook to find out what job your school is scheduled to do.  Remember, you do not need to do the job yourself, but it needs to be an adult.


For the state qualifying meet, you will need to submit index cards within 30 minutes upon the completion of the meet.  Those will be submitted to the Section V Coordinators, and they will list who will be competing on the Section V web site.


Lastly, as many of you know, Ray will be stepping down as Monroe County Chairman for track and field , as well as the Irondequoit girls’ coach.  Ray has been the Monroe County Chairman for twenty years, first as the boys, then as the girls.  I would like to get something for Ray, to show our appreciation for all that he has done for our sport.  If each school could donate five dollars ( or more if you would like) we can get something for him and present it at the counties ( I am thinking around noon).  You can give me the money on that day, or at the Boys’ JV Counties.  Thanks


I know this letter is long, but I think it covers everything.  Boys, please get your JV entries in as soon as possible, by Saturday, by email.  The Churchville people want to have everything ready to go on Thursday, and the more time they have, the better the meet will be.


IF you have any questions, feel free to contact me at either email:  or


Good luck with your championship season


Dave Hennessey


PS Ray wishes you a good season too, but I wrote the letter