DATES:            Pentathalon / Steeplechase:            Thursday May 4th            Start:            5:00 PM

                        Main Meet:                          Friday   May 5, 2006 Start: 5:00 PM

                                                                                    (Coaches Meeting: 4:30 PM)


AWARDS:            Team Trophies:            (1)            Girls' Team Winner

                                                            (2)            Boys'  Team Winner

                                                            (3)            Combined Boys' & Girls' Points


                        Individual:                     (1)             1st Place:               Trophies

                                                            (2)            Place 2-5:                  Medals

                                                            (3)            Outstanding Performer: Boy & Girl


ENTRY FEE:            Schools bringing Boys and Girls Teams:             $ 125 total

                                    Individual Boys' or Girls Teams:                 $  70 / team


DEADLINE:            Registration Form must be received by Wednesday April 12th. (no exceptions)

                        Check or Voucher must accompany  the Registration Form.

            *****            Important: Only the first 24 schools registering will be entered ********


ENTRIES: 2 entries per event (Exception: Shot Put, Discus, 3000/3200- see details).

            One relay team is permitted per school. Relay entries should include all possible runners (maximum 6)


 TRACK: 1/8” Spikes only on all track and runways

                        The meet will be run under the N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A. rules.


Coaches: Please be sure that your Athletic Directors receive a copy of this information.



            (1) Seeding packets will be e-mailed on Tuesday April 25th.


            (2) Entry forms must be returned by fax up to 6:00 PM on Tuesday May 2nd, or returned via e-mail to gmastin@hornell.wnryic.org  by the May 2nd 6:00 PM deadline


            (3) Scratches will be allowed, but no additions. Also, there will be no re-seeding if athletes are scratched!

            (4)             Special Notice regarding the Shot Put, Discus, and 3200/3000 meter runs.


(A)              Shot Put and Discus:  We will be taking only the top 24 seeded throwers and seeding them in 3 flights of 8. Each thrower will receive three throws in these respective events- no finals. In doing so, we should be able to get both the girls and boys events completed within the daylight limitations.


(B)              3200 and 3000 meter runs:    We will be taking on the top 20 seeds and running one flight of each event.


We are going to use an “honor system” for these. Please do not alter seed performances to get your athletes into these events. This only leads to embarrassment for these participants.


(5) New in 2006: Pentathalon and Steeplechase.  We will be holding a Pentathalon and Steelplechase on Thursday May 4th beginning at 5:00 PM. Each school will be limited to 2 male and 2 female entrants. The results of the pentathalon will be included in the meet scoring.


All 5 pentathalon events will be run on Thursday, and the Steeplechase (Girls 2000 meter followed by Boys 3000 meter) will be run. Please note that the steeplechase will count as one of the four events that an athlete may enter.


(6) All correspondence will be made via e-mail. It is important that your updated e-mail addresses be returned with the registration form.


            Hornell Invitational Track & Field Meet

   Registration Form


School:                        ___________________________________________


Athletic Director:            _______________________Office Telephone:_______________


Boys' Head Coach:            _____________________ Assistant Coach: __________________


            e-mail address: _____________________________


            School Phone: ______________________________


            Home Phone: ______________________________


Girls' Head Coach:            _____________________ Assistant Coach: __________________


            e-mail address: _____________________________


            School Phone: ______________________________


            Home Phone: ______________________________


TEAMS   PARTICIPATING:   Both Boys & Girls            _______

 (check one)

                                                            Boys' only                 _______


                                                            Girls' only                 _______


                                                            Will not attend            _______


IMPORTANT:              Deadline for registration is Wednesday April 12th, 2006.


                        All entries must include prepayment or voucher.      NO EXCEPTIONS!


MAKE Checks or vouchers payable to: "Hornell Sports Booster Club"


Return to:            Gene Mastin, Athletic Director

                        Hornell High School

                        134 Seneca Street

                        Hornell, NY 14843