2005-06 Track Rules Revisions ( National Federation of State High School Associations)

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6-4-5; 6-4-8; 6-5-1 :    Effective 2006-07, all references and diagrams will reflect one standard sector at 34.92 degrees (6-4-5, 6-4-8, & 6-5-1 diagrams) for the shot and discus.
Rationale: The international sector is smaller, easier to lay out and when used, easily defines the requirements necessary for the design of the cages and adjacent restricted zones around the event. Other factors considered are a) minimizes risk to athletes and spectators, b) encourages good throwing techniques, c) requires athletes to control implement to mark, d) easy layout of the sector lines, e) is a change supported by NFHS questionnaire.

7-5-3 : (New)    (Add) ...Prior to competition the coach must verify that each of that school's pole vaulters meets the requirements.  Note: Each state association shall determine its own procedure regarding coach's verification.
Rationale: 1. Provides a method to ensure that the standard is met at each meet prior to participation. 2. Reduces liability. 3. Similar to the rule in football about legal equipment.

New York State  - Rules Interpretation:

1. When tights are used  they need to be a solid color without stripes or banner style lettering / logos.  The manufacturer logo (business card size) is fine. 2.  For relays:  Shorts must be school issued and of the same color, but do not have to be the same style. 
3. Undergarments (bra, sports bra, underwear) do not need to be a solid color. Boxer shorts that hang outside of the school uniform short do not count as undergarments, tights do not count as undergarments, shirts do not count as undergarments.
The Water Barrier will now be set at the boys distance for both boys and girls. The distance from the barrier to the water pit will be the same.
Rationale: Better meet management.