Some might be curious as to why there are more than a few corrections following a weekend of meets. Here is how it works:  For each race, officials write athletes' Bib #s after they have finished, based on place or lane, which are then entered in and matched with camera recorded times. Bib #s are not normally  recorded on the camera photos because that would add too much time to the meet and our main goal is get through the scheduled events for our athletes. For each field event, officials write athlete bib#s and names in as they check in and then record the results.  The field bib#s are then entered in, which identifies each athlete, and then the results are entered in. Now, the athlete needs to have the correct number that is also visible to the official and the camera and is then accurately recorded.
.  The volume of recorded data from the weekend meets was as follows:

       Meet :             Track Heats    Track Entries     Field Entries    Total Entries
     Jan 12 ( East)           104                  898                 381                1279
     Jan 13 (Central)         92                  721                  281               1002
     Jan 13 (West)            77                  616                  289                 905      
        TOTALS:             273                2235                  951               3186

Efficiency and Accuracy of results continue to improve as Coaches, Athletes, officials have a better understanding of the process and what needs to happen. We have come a long way.