INTRODUCTION – modified 1-29-08


                WELCOME to another season of Winter Track and Field in Section V.  The Rochester Winter Track League continues to grow, with several new teams joining us this year.  At the same time, we are trying to maintain the high standards of meets that we have had over the past few years, and we have attempted to respond to various requests made by you, the coaches.  However, if we are to remain successful, if we are to remain viable, we need the help of ALL coaches and athletes.  A few people can not, and should not be expected to do things alone.


                We are trying several different things this year. First, all entries will be on line. This will be true for all meets. For weekend meets, entries are due on Thursday before the meet at 8:00 p.m.  You will need to submit the name, event(s), level, and seeding performance for every athlete.  Relay will require you to submit a performance, names of relay members will be submitted at the meet on a 3 x 5 index card.  Secondly, all qualifying performances performed at a RWTL meet will automatically be posted on the leader board.  Thus, only meets outside of Section V will need to be posted by you, the coach.  You will also notice that we have on some weekends, shorten time schedules.  This was due to the fact that these were the hours given to us by the various facilities.  Remember, we are guests of the various facilities, and thus we must conform ( wherever possible) to their schedules.


                We hope that this is a successful year for you and your athletes.  If you have questions, feel free to ask.  Good luck.




1.  FOOTWEAR.  Absolutely no plastic bottom plated shoes may be worn.  No metal spikes of any kind.  Some shoes have slight areas of plastic in the arch, these may be used at all sites except New York Chiropractor.  Athletes found using inappropriate footwear will be disqualified from the meet, and an unsportsmanlike conduct form will be sent to their school, meaning the athlete will be banned from the next meet, at a minimum.  If you have a question, bring the shoe to a meet officer.


2.  LIMITS of PARTICIPATION.  In an effort to keep the teams running on schedule, there will be limitations on the number of events an athlete may do at a meet.  If there are NO limitations, the maximum number of events an athlete may do is THREE (NYSPHSAA rule).  For modified athletes, the maximum number of events is two.   If one of those events is 1200 meters or longer, then that modified athlete may only do a field event for his/her other event.


3.DIVISIONS. In many events, we will run a Varsity, JV, and modified events for both boys and girls.  Athletes should be placed in the proper division by their coach. In addition, if the meet is listed as VARSITY ONLY, do not bring your non-varsity athletes.  Conversely, if the event is listed as Junior Varsity or Modified only, please do not run your Varsity athletes in that meet.


4.  ROSTERS and NUMBERS  Coaches will be submitting their roster on line.   In turn, each athlete will be assigned a number which will be their number for the season.  Athletes will NOT be wearing numbers this year.  For track events, athletes will need to look at the seed sheets, and put on the appropriate hip number for their race.


5.LIMITS ON ENTRIES.  Unlimited entries for some League meets, and no entries are required in advance for most meets.  For other meets, limitations will be in effect, or pre-entries will be required.  In some sprint events, we may limit the number of athletes using starting blocks to the first 5 heats for boys and girls.  For Hobart meets, if the size of the fields is large, we may run inside and outside sections of the race.


6.  ON LINE ENTRY:  This year, all entries will be online.  Entries for a weekend meet will be the Thursday before that meet, at 8:00 p.m.  Entries received after that time will be seeded last.  Once an athlete has been entered, he/she may not be scratched. ( You may scratch that athlete from the event(s) they are entered on the meet day, but that athlete may not be moved to another individual event).  For relays, enter a relay and a time – turn in the names of the athletes competing at the meet. 


7.  BLOCKS.  For meets at New York Chiropractor, blocks can not have any spikes in them..  For meets at Hobart, RIT, and University of Rochester, bring your own blocks, and these blocks may have Ό” spikes in them.


8.CROWD CONTROL AND CLEAN-UP.  Coaches are responsible for the conduct and whereabouts of their athletes during the meet. No team will be allowed to compete in any meet without a coach.  Coaches should personally supervise the clean up of their teams after the meet. At Hobart, University of Rochester, and RIT, athletes are not to eat on the floor.  Again, sanctions may be leveled against athletes and teams continuing to violate this policy.  Coaches, if you see something wrong, please do not hesitate do get involved.


9.  ANNOUNCEMENTS.  So that the meet may run smoothly, and everyone might be able to hear announcements, NO BOOM BOXES or TAPE PLAYERS are allowed without a headset.


10. PITS. Athletes may not use the high jump pits and pole vault pits for lounging areas.  At all sites, when the event is over, these pits need to be stacked and put away neatly. ( if it is a double meet, the first group should set the pits up, the second group should put them away.)


11. BUSES. School buses must be parked in the proper areas.  They can not be parked in fire lanes.  At Hobart College, they are to follow the signs to drop off their athletes behind the field house. No bus will be allowed to drop students off at the front of the field house.  Parking there is reserved to officials and spectators.  Buses can not park on Wilson Blvd. at the University of Rochester.  At RIT, buses should enter lot D (by the track) and follow the directions of the RIT security personnel.


12. OLDFIELD STYLE.  For safety reasons, no Oldfield throwing of the shot at New York Chiropractor and Hobart field houses. Since the shot will be in a separate area at the University of Rochester, it may be done there.  It may also be done at RIT since there will be a cage. Coaches are reminded to tell their athletes to stay away from the shot areas while the meet is in progress, no matter what technique is being used.


13. ADMISSION CHARGE.  Admission charge at all Rochester Winter Track meets is $3.00 for adults, and $2.00 for students.


14.  CLERKING. Clerking will be done at the starting line of each event.  Unless otherwise noted, the order will be Varsity. JV, and then Modified, Girls followed by Boys. This will be the same order for the field events.


15.  CURFEW.  All League meets may run no later than 11:00 p.m.  For meets with two or more sessions, we must complete the last event by the time indicated, so the next group can move in on schedule.


16.  CANCELLATIONS.  For meets that are held on school days, if there is a need to cancel a meet, the decision will made by 1:00 p.m., with schools being contacted, if possible, by phone.  If you have a question, check, or the Rochester Winter Track website. If a Saturday or holiday meet is cancelled, the coach, if possible, will be contacted at home by phone, as will television and radio stations. ( R-News has always posted our cancellations.) If you have any questions, contact Dave Hennessey (585-334-6323)


17.  ALL LEAGUE.  In order to receive an ALL LEAGUE Award, an athlete must have one of the best six times, distances, or heights in League sponsored meets.  The fastest three relays will also be All League. Because of differences in facilities, a duplicate award(s) will be given in similar events if we have different bests (45/55m Dashes, 40/55m Hurdles) Athletes cannot win two awards for similar events.


18.  OFFICIATING.  While the League will hire some officials, schools are responsible to help out with officiating chores.  If a school is willing to pay for three officials, please leave the vouchers with me, so that I can hire officials.  If you plan on working the meets, let me know what days you wish to work.


19. HOST SCHOOLS.  Schools will be assigned two hosting responsibilities.  The jobs of the host school is as follows:

                1. Bring the AED.

                2. Set up and take down vaulting and high jump pits

                3. Set up and take down the shot put area

                4. Set up, take down, and put away the hurdles

                5.  Clean up facility before your team leaves.

                6.  Help with the field events

                7. Underlined team is the head host school.


20.  POLE VAULT VERIFICATION SHEETS.  If an athlete is going to compete in the pole vault, he/she will need to have a pole vault verification sheet on file.  If I do not have a sheet, the athlete may not compete in the event.  These sheets need to be kept current, for any changes in an athletes weight and pole use.  Periodic checks will be made during the season to make sure that these sheets are accurate.  It is the responsibility of the coaches of the vaulters that they are properly trained for the event, and that they set up any additional pits or mats to provide safety for the athletes in the vault.


21.  OPEN PIT.  For meets where both the long and triple jumps are being done, we will be using an open pit.  All jumpers will be required to take their jumps in the time allotted, and if they do not, then their remaining jumps are forfeited.  The official will tell the officials how much time the jumpers will have, and all jumpers will warm up at the same time.   In some meets, where both long and triple jumps are being contested, the top sixteen boys and the top sixteen girls will have three jumps, all others will have two.


22.  Merging of teams:  According to the bylaws of the league, no school or schools will be allowed to merge teams.  In the past, schools were allowed to merge, but all merged teams were dissolved in 1990.


23. Special rules for the UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER.

                a. All athletes must stay out of the Palestra.

                b. No food or gum in the floor of the field house. Water and sports’ beverages may be consumed.

                There is new astro turf in the building, thus the rule. The U of R will be running a concession stand

                and have an area for athletes to eat.

                c. Please place garbage in the cans available.

                d.  Doors into the field house may vary – check our website to see what doors will be used for

                each meet.

                e.  Buses may not park on Wilson Blvd.  They must park on Library Road



A.  Arrive at the time scheduled. If it says 6:00, then arrive at 6:00 – practices will be going on, so do not arrive early.

B.  Buses should enter the D Parking lot, and follow the directions of RIT security.

C.  All athletes and spectators go up the stairs into the main lobby.

D. Teams should set up their camps on the second floor, along the side with the long jump pit.  The side by the finish line is reserved for spectators and coaches.  Host schools should sit on the first floor in an area designated by RIT personnel. 


F.  The Student Life Center is off limits.  Bathrooms will be available, but locker rooms are off limits.

G.  Don’t block fire exits

H. Spectators may bring their own chairs.

I.  RIT will run a concession stand, on the second floor.



25. SECTIONALS.  We will be having a four class sectional, with a meet of champions ( state qualifier) two weeks later. In order to compete in the Sectionals and State Qualifier, and athlete must compete in SIX different sanctioned high school meets.  In addition, the athlete must meet the qualifying standard.  Hardship cases will be decided by the Section V Games committee.


                There will be two kinds of qualifying standards. The automatic standard guarantees that an individual will be in the Sectional meet in that event if he/she meets this mark.  A provisional standard will qualify if he/she meets a lesser standard, and there is room for that athlete in that event in the meet.  If an athlete meets the standard, it is the responsibility of the COACH to submit that performance within two weeks of the mark being set, and the standards being issued.  This years’ standards are available in this book.  For meets run by the RWTL, qualifying marks will automatically be posted. For out of Section meets, coaches must post their updated performances    These marks will also be used to determine ALL LEAGUE.  No mark, no entry.  Updated lists will be given out throughout the year, and appear on our web site.


26.  STATE MEET. Athletes qualifying for the State Meet will be leaving Penfield High School on Friday,  March 7.  The state meet, which is on Saturday, March 8 will be at Barton Hall at Cornell University.  The girls’ meet will start at 8:45, and the boys’ meet will start at 1:45.  When the girls are done, they will return home.  In general, the top two finishers go to the states, and the winning relay will compete in the state meet.  In addition, the 3rd place finisher in the 300, 600, 1000, 1500/1600 will compete in the Intersectional Medley Relay.    If an athlete meets the following standards, and finishes third in the state qualifier, he/she will be allowed to compete at the state meet in their individual event.  If weather does not allow us to have a meet of champion, the sectional coordinator, with assistance, will select a team, based on performances made at league meets after January 1. 



Wednesday, December 5 – RIT – 6:00 – 9:00, Monroe County (not League) Schools                                                               

55m Hurdles                                          Boys Pole Vault  - No girls Pole Vault

600m Run                                               Girls’ High Jump – No Boys’ High Jump

Girls’ 1500m Run                  Boys’, then Girls Triple Jump

Boys’ 1600m Run                 Boys and Girls Shot Put

300m Dash

1000m Run                                             One Event Only – No Modified.

4 x 400m Relay ( if there is time – one boys team and one girls team per school may run someone who has competed in an individual event)


Friday, December 7 – University of Rochester, 6:00 – 11:00 Non-Monroe County Schools

40m Hurdles                                          Boys/ Girls Pole Vault – SH 7’0”  - up 12” to 11’0” – then 6 inches

600m Run                                               Girls, Boys High Jump – SH 3 – 9: - up 3 inches for girls until 5’0”,

                                                                                                                SH for boys 4 – 6 – up 3 inches until 6’0”

Girls 1500m Run                                    Boys’, then Girls Triple Jump ( then 4 people total per team – long  jump)

Boys 1600m Run                                  Boys/ Girls Shot

300m Dash

1000m Run

4 x 400m Relay ( if there is time – 2 boys and 2 girls teams per school, may run someone who has done an individual event)


Friday, December 14 – Hobart – Groups A and B – 6:00 – 11:00


3000m Run                                             Girls/ Boys Pole Vault – SH Girls – 6’0 – up 12” until 8’0”

3200m Run                                                                                        SH Boys  - 7’ 0” – up 12 inches until 11’0”

55m Dash                                               Boys/Girls High Jump – SH Boys – 3-9 – up 3 inches until 6-0

1000m Run                                                                                             SH Girls – 3 –6 – up 3 inches until 5-0

Girls 1500m Race Walk                        Boys/ Girls Shot

55m Hurdles                                          Girls/ Boys Long Jump

600m Run

4 x 200m Relay                                      2 Events per Athlete


Saturday, December 15 – Hobart – Groups C & D – 10:00 – 1:45

                                                Groups E & F – 2:15 – 6:00


3000m Run                                             Girls Pole Vault ( SH – 6’0” – up 6 inches until 8’ 6”, then by 3 inches)

3200m Run                                             Boys High Jump ( SH – 3 – 9 – up 3 inches until 5 ‘6”, then up by 2”)

55m Dash                                               Boys’ Girls Shot – Varsity 3 throws, JV/Mod – 2 throws

1000m Run                                             Girls/ Boys Long Jump – Varsity – three jumps, JV/Mods – 2 jumps

Girls’ 1500m Race Walk                      

55m Hurdles                                          2 Events per athlete

4 x 200m Relay ( 2 boys and 2 Girls per school)

Friday, December 21 – Hobart         Groups C & D -  6:00 – 11:00


4x200 Relay (1 varsity team)   * ( no 55 Hurdles for this meet)

55m Dash                                               Girls& Boys Shot

600m Dash                                             Boys/Girls Pole Vault SH Boys – 6’6 – up 12 inches until 11’6”

                                                                                SH Girls – 6’0” = up 12 inches until 8’ 0”

Girls 1500m Run                                    Girls/ Boys Triple Jump, then each school – 4 long jumpers total

Boys 1600m Run                                  Girls/ Boys HJ – Girls SH – 3 – 6 up 3 inches to 5, Boys 3 – 9 up 3” to 6-0

300m Dash

Girls 1500m Race Walk                        2 events per athlete

4 x 800m Relay


Saturday, December 22 – Hobart     Groups E & F – 10:00 – 1:45

                                                Groups A & B – 2:15 – 6:00

*(No 55 Hurdles for these meets)

4x200 Relay (1 varsity team)               Girls & Boys Shot

55m Dash                                               Boys/ Girls Pole Vault – SH B – 7-0    - up 12 inches until 12’

600m Run                                                                                               SH G – 7-0 up 12 inches until 9-0

Girls 1500m Run

Boys 1600m Run                                  Girls/ Boys HJ – GSH – 3-6 up 4 inches until 4-10 Boys same until 5 – 10

300m Dash                                             Girls/ Boys Triple Jump – then each school – 3 long jumpers – 2 jumps

4 x800m Relay

Girls 1500m Race Walk -


Friday, December 28 – University of Rochester  10: 00 – 6:00 – Groups B,D, and E

Saturday, December 29 – University of Rochester – 10:00 – 6:00 – Groups A,C, and F


40m Hurdles                                          Boys, then Girls Shot Put

1500m Racewalk                                   Girls, then Boys Pole Vault

Girls 3000                                               Boys, then Girls High Jump

Boys 3200m Run                                  Girls, then Boys Long Jump, then Triple Jump

4 x 400m Relay

55m Dash ( JV/Mod 45m Dash)

600m Run

300m Run                                               3 events ( 2 for modified)

1000m Run

1500m Run

1600m Run

4 x 200m Relay (JV/Mod 4 x 1 Lap Relay)

4 x 800m Relay


Friday, January 4 – JV/ Modified Meet - New York Chiropractic 6:00 – 11:00

1. 50m Hurdles     

2. Girls 1500m Run                                Shot Put – Girls then Boys

3. Boys 1600m Run                              Boys, then Girls High Jump

4. 45m Dash                                           Girls, then Boys Pole Vault

5. 1000m                                                 2 events and a relay

6. 300m Dash

7. 600m Run

8. Girls 1500m Race Walk

9. 4 x 200m Relay

10. 4 x 800m Relay

11. 4 x 400m Relay


FRIDAY, JANUARY 4 – HOBART 6:00 – 11:00 Rochester Relays  Class C&D

SATURDAY, JANUARY 5 – RIT – 10:00 – 5:00 – Rochester Relays –Class A & B



GIRLS 2 PERSON 3000M RUN ( ADD TIMES)                               B/G 3 PERSON TRIPLE JUMP RELAY

BOYS  2 PERSON 3200M RUN ( ADD TIMES)                              G/B 3 PERSON SHOT PUT RELAY

G/B 4 x 800m RELAY                                                                           G/B 2 PERSON POLE VAULT RELAY

G/B DOUBLE 4 X 1 LAP RELAY                                                       B/G 3 PERSON HIGH JUMP RELAY


G/B DISTANCE MEDLEY (1200, 400, 800, 1600)

G/B 4 X 200M RELAY

G/B REGRESSIVE RELAY ( 1000, 800, 600, 400)                              3 EVENTS PER ATHLETE, 1boys relay and 1 girls relay per school


G/B SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY (800, 200, 200, 400)

G/B 4 X 400M RELAY

G/B 4 X 1600M RELAY



Thursday, January 10 - Brighton Sports Zone–JV/Mod ( 4:00–5:30 )

 3 x 5 card entries at meet.

Events:  1500, 1600, 55, 1000, 300, 600, Shot Put, High Jump ( no relays)


Friday, January 11 – Hobart/ William Smith – East – 6:00 – 11:00

Saturday, January 12 – Rochester Institute of Technology- 10:00 – 6:00 – Central and West

3000m Run                                             Girls Long Jump – Top 16 will go last – 3 jumps – all others – 2 jumps

3200m Run                                             Boys Long Jump = Top 16 will go last – 3 jumps – all others – 2 jumps

1000m Run                                             Boys & Girls Shot

Girls 1500m Race Walk                        Girls, then Boys High Jump

600m Run                                               Boys, then Girls Pole Vault

55m Dash                                               Girls Triple Jump – Top 12 will go last – 3 jumps, all others – 2 jumps

Girls 1500m Run                                    Boys Triple Jump – Top 12 will go last – 3 jumps , all others – 2 jumps

Boys 1600m Run

300m Dash

55m Hurdles   * 7 total entries per event for each school (boys and girls combined to make up the 7 entries)

4 x 800m Relay

4 x 400m Relay

4 x 200m Relay


Friday, January 18 – Hobart – 6:00 – 11:00 – Groups E & F

4 x 200m Relay                                      Girls, then Boys Pole Vault (girl 6’ boy 7’)

Girls 3000m Run                                    Boys, then Girls High Jump ()

Boys 3200m                                           Girls & Boys Shot

300m Dash                                             Girls/Boys Long Jump, then Triple Jump (Top 16 3 jumps, other 2 jumps)

1000m Run

600m Run

55m  Dash              * 7 total entries per event for each school (boys and girls combined to make up the 7 entries)

55m Hurdles

Girls 1500m Race Walk

4 x 400m Relay



Saturday, January 19 – Hobart 10:00 – 1:45 – Groups A & B

                                            2:15 – 6:00 – Groups C & D heights could be altered based on numbers

4 x 200m Relay                                      Girls, then Boys Pole Vault (girls 6-6, 7-3, 7-9, 8-0, boys 7-6, 8-6,9-6,10-6,11-6,12)

Girls 3000m Run                                    Boys, then Girls High Jump (4-0,4-3,4-6,4-8,4-10, 5-0 boys: 4-9,5-0,5-3,5-6)

Boys 3200m Run                                  Girls & Boys Shot

300m Dash                                             Girls & Boys LJ, Then TJ (Top 12 – 3 jumps, others 2 jumps)

1000m Run

600m Run

55 Dash – 5 total (boy and girl combined) per School

55m Hurdles          * 7 total entries per event for each school (boys and girls combined to make up the 7 entries)

Girls 1500m Racewalk

4 x 400m Relay


Monday, January 21 – Brighton Sports Zone  - JV / Mod ( 10:00 – 2:00 )

  3 x 5 Card Entries at meet.

 Events: 55Hurdles, 3000,3200, 55, 1000, 600, RW, 1500,1600,4x200, 4x400



FRIDAY,  JANUARY 25 – NEW YORK CHIROPRACTIC – 6:00 – 11:00 – Central

Saturday, January 27 – New York Chiropractic – 10:00 – 1:45 - West

                                                                                     2:15 – 6:00 –  East

1. 50m Hurdles                                                      Girls/ Boys Shot

2. 45m Dash                                                           Girls/ Boys Pole Vault

3. Girls 1500m Run                                                Boys/ Girls High Jump

4. Boys 1600m Run                                              (NY CHIRO does not have a LJ / TRJ runway / pit)

5. 600m Run

6. 1000m Run                                                         Var, JV, Mod – Limits TBA

7. Girls 1500m Race Walk                                    2 events per athlete

8. 4 x 400m Dash

9. 4 x 800m Relay ( Boys and Girls together if possible)

10.. 4 x 200m Relay


Friday, February 1, Jim Cleveland Sub Varsity Champs at NY Chiropractic 5:00 – 10:00

Sectional Order (NY Chiro does not have a LJ/TRJ runway / pit)


Saturday, February 2 – Varsity Only

Hobart – 4:00 – 11:00

4 x 200m Relay

3000m Run                                             Boys/ Girls Pole Vault

3200m Run                                             Girls/ Boys High Jump

55m Hurdles                                          Boys, then Girls Long Jump

1000m Run                                             Boys & Girls Shot

300m Dash                                             Boys, then Girls Triple Jump

Girls 1500m Race Walk

600m Run

55m Dash                                               3 events

Girls 1500m Run

Boys 1600m Run

4 x 400m Relay

4 x 800m Relay



Tuesday, February 5 – RIT – 6:00 – 10:00 – Varsity Only

 For Monroe county schools (geographically) and Class A schools - Order of Events TBA

* 5 total entries per event for each school (boys and girls combined to make up the 5 entries)

Events: 3000,3200,1000,RW,600,55,1500,1600,300,55Hurdles, 4x8, 4x4, 4x2 , all field events


Saturday, February 9 – Hobart – 6:00 – 11:00 – Varsity Only

for non-Monroe County Schools (geographically) Order of Events TBA

* 5 total entries per event for each school (boys and girls combined to make up the 5 entries)

Events: 3000,3200,1000,RW,600,55,1500,1600,300,55Hurdles, 4x8, 4x4, 4x2, all field events



Wednesday, February 13 – Class A – RIT – 5:30 – 9:30

Friday, February 15 – Class D – University of Rochester – 6:00 – 11:00

Saturday, February 16 – Class B & C – Hobart – 6:00 – 11:00


Order of Events

Girls 3000m Run                                    Girls, then Boys Long Jump

Boys 3200m Run                                  Boys, then Girls Shot

1000m Run                                             Boys, then Girls Pole Vault

Girls 1500m Race Walk                        Boys, then Girls High Jump

600m Run                                               Girls, then Boys Triple Jump

55m Dash

Girls 1500m Run

Boys 1600m Run

300m Dash

55m Hurdles

4 x 800m Relay

4 x 400m Relay

4 x 200m Relay


Friday, February 29 – State Qualifier at RIT – 5:00 – 11:00

4 x 400m Relay – Trials                        Girls/ boys High Jump

4 x 200m Relay – Trials                        Boys’/ Girls Pole Vault

Girls 3000                                               Boys’ / Girls Shot

Boys 3200m Run                                  Boys/ Girls Long Jump, then Triple Jump

55m Trials

1000m Run

55m Dash Semi’s

600m Run

55m Dash Finals

Girls 1500m Race Walk

Boys/ then Girls 55m Hurdles – Trials

Girls/ Boys 300m Trials

1500m Run

1600m Run

Girls/ Boys 55m Hurdles – Semi’s

15minute Break

Boys/ Girls 55m Hurdles Finals

Girls/ Boys 300m Dash Finals

4 x 800m Relay

4 x 400m Relay finals

4 x 200m Relay finals