Section V

Winter Track & Field

Meet of Champions



Dates & Times:  Friday, February 29

Rochester Institute of Technology:  5:00 – 11:00



                These sheets contain information regarding the Winter Track Meet of Champions.  Please read the enclosed sheets carefully so that you athletes will be included in the meet.


1.        Entry will be Online only.  Online entry must be submitted by Wednesday, February 20 by 8:00 p.m.


2.        Class Champions automatically qualify and will be shown on the Leaderboard.


3.        An entry who is not a class champion must have ONE performance in the event(s) entered.


4.        Names of relay members (up to six names per relay) must be submitted.


5.        All athletes, and relay teams that have qualified, as well as alternates will be posted on the website by Thursday, February 21.  An athlete may be scratched from an event without penalty by Tuesday, February 26 at 6:00.  After that time and date, if an athlete is scratched from an event, he/ she is scratched from the meet.  Revised lists of athletes competing will be posted on the web site.


6.        The following is the maximum number of entries that will be allowed per event.


55m Dash – 32                              55 m Hurdles         32                            300m Dash – 15

600m Run – 20                              1000m Run             20                            1500m Race Walk – 12

1500/1600m Run – 16                   3000/3200m Run – 16                           4 x 800m Relay – 10

4 x 400m Relay –15                       4 x 200m Relay - 15

Long Jump, Triple Jump,  - 12

High Jump – 16

Pole Vault - 12

Shot Put – 16


7.        In the long jump triple jump, and shot, there will be 3 attempts, top 6 will get three more attempts


8.  This is the state order of events.  Remember, the state meet will be girls in the morning, and the boys will be competing in the afternoon.  Neither section should last more than four hours.



5:15-      Girls/Boys High Jump

                Boys’ Pole Vault

                Boys/Girls’ Shot

                Boys/ Girls’ Long Jump, then Triple Jump

5:15 – Running Events

Girls 4 x 400m Relay Trials

                Boys 4 x 400m Relay Trials

                                Girls 4 x 200m Relay Trials

                                Boys 4 x 200m Relay Trials

                                Girls 3000m Run

                                Boys 3200m Run

                                Girls 55m Trials

                                Boys 55m Dash Trials

                                Girls 1000m Run

                                Boys 1000m Run

                                Girls 55m Dash  Semi Finals

                                Boys 55m Dash Semi Finals

                                Girls 600m Run

                                Boys 600m Run

                                Girls 55m Dash Final

                                Boys 55m Dash Final

                                Girls’ 1500m Race Walk

                                Boys 55m Hurdles – Trials

                                Girls 55m Hurdles – Trials

                                Girls’ 300m Dash Trials

                                Boys 300m Dash Trials

                                Girls 1500m Run

                                Boys 1600m Run

                                Girls’ 55m Hurdles – Semi Final

                                Boys 55mm Hurdles – Semi Final

                                15 MINUTE BREAK

                                Boys 55m Hurdles Finals

                                Girls 55m Hurdles Finals

                                Girls 300m Dash – Finals

                                Boys 300m Dash – Finals

                                Girls 4 x 800m Relay

                                Boys 4 x 800m Relay

                                Girls 4 x 400m Relay - Final

                                Boys 4 x 400m Relay - Final

                                Girls 4 x 200m Relay - Final

                                Boys 4 x 200m Relay- Final


If there are not enough entries for trials, the race will be run in the final spot.  Note change in the state order of the race walk.


9.  The top two finishers in each event will automatically qualify for the State Meet which will be held on Saturday, March 8.  The Section V buses will be leaving from Penfield High School.


10.     The third place finisher in the 300m, 600m, 1000m, and 1500m/1600m runs will compete in the intersectional medley relay.  In addition, if any athlete has performed at or better than the standards, and finished 3rd in the Meet of Champions, then he/she may go and compete in their individual event.


11.     The winning relay team will advance to the state meet.  You may take up to six individuals per relay.

12.     An athlete does not have to compete in the Class Championships to compete in the Meet of Champions.

13.     Admission to the meet is $4.00

14.   We will be selling shirts

15.  Upon completing his/her event – an athlete or relay that has qualified for the state meet must sign up at the scorers’ table.

16.  Medals will be provided for the top three finishers in each event.